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Organic and Local Produce Boxes
We deliver fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables, grocery items and natural household products to homes and offices in and around Ottawa. We focus on local (within 100 km of Ottawa) or provincial (Ontario and Quebec) as often as possible. The produce in your box changes each week, based on the season and on the best products available. Boxes are customizable or can be created a la carte, to make sure you get only produce you want to eat.

Meal Boxes
We make it easier to cook fresh, delicious and healthy meals each week.  You choose the meals, we compile the ingredients and deliver them to your door, along with the recipe. Each week we offer regular favourites and we also add new meals to keep it interesting.


Below is the pricing for each of the different boxes we offer.  You can customize most boxes for an additional $5.  For this price you get the freshest organic produce, selected each week based on seasonality and quality delivered right to your door.

$25  Fruit lover’s box

A selection of  5-6 varieties of fruits, perfect for home or the office.

$25  Veggie lover’s box

A selection of 5-6 varieties of vegetables.  A great way to ensure you eat healthy!

$40  Basic Box

A selection of 6-8 varieties of vegetables and 3 varieties of fruit.
  Suitable for a household of one to three per week. 
 Great value and a good box to start off with. Customizable for an additional $5.

$50  Family Box

A selection of 8-10 varieties of vegetables and 4 varieties of fruit. Suitable for a household of three to five per week. Customizable for an additional $5.

$65  Custom Abundance Box

A selection of 10-12 varieties of vegetables and 5-6 varieties of fruit.  You can be assured of  larger quantities and more deluxe varieties.

$10  Extra Fruit Supplement

3-4 different varieties of fruit to add to you vegetable box for the household that can’t get enough produce.

$10 Extra Greens Supplement

A selection of 3-5 extra heads of green goodness, kale, lettuce, chard, collards, depending on the best quality of the week.

$10 Kitchen Staples Supplement

A selection of potatoes, onions and garlic to supplement your pantry each week.

$30  Juicing Box

A selection of 6-8 organic fruits and vegetables perfect for juicing.

$30  No Cooking Required Box

4-6 types of vegetables, easily enjoyed raw and 2-3 types of fruit.  Perfect for the health conscious person with no time, or inkling to cook!

$30  Small Produce Box

4-5 types of vegetables and 2 fruits. Ideal for one person, or for a couple who eats out often.

View this week’s boxes here.

Delivery Days and Times

We deliver in and around Ottawa on Wednesday, Thursday each week.  To find out when we deliver to your neighbourhood visit delivery areas.

Fully Customized Box

Sign up for a Custom Box to ensure you are getting a full customizable box.  Each week you get a reminder of your upcoming order. You can then customize it to ensure that you only get fruits and vegetables that you will eat.

A drop-down menu next to each item allows you to make substitutions. You can do so between Saturday and Monday morning.  This keeps your fridge full of produce you love and will enjoy eating!

Alternatively, you can choose items à la carte, just as if you were shopping in a store.

Order Frequency

You can order every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or once a month. You can also order on an as needed basis.  You can change or customize your basket or cancel anytime.

Never Sends and Always Sends

Our system allows you to pre-select your Produce Preferences so that you won’t receive produce you don’t want.  Select your never sends online and each week we will remove any items on your never sends list from your delivery and replace them with an item of equal value for no additional charge.

Likewise, you can select the produce you want to receive often or very often. Your preferences will guide us in replacing items you never want to receive for those you can’t get enough of.

Going to be away?

View the delivery dates for the next 3 months, and mark the days you will be away for any future order you wish to skip.

Weekly grocery shopping a thing of the past…

Organic eggs, milk, cheeses and meat. Freshly roasted coffee. Breakfast and lunch items. Basically you could do all your shopping here and save yourself the trouble of going to a store.

Standing Order

Your standing order allows you to set your standard delivery each week.  You can set this to include not only a produce box but also any other grocery items from the menu.  Now you don’t have to remember to buy bread and almond milk:, if they are part on your standing order, we will deliver them to you each week.