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5-10 Fruits and Vegetables A Day

My father was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, The prognosis given by the medical team is not a positive one. Since the diagnosis, my sister, who works in a Natural Health food store and who cured herself from Rheumatoid Arthritis in her early 20’s through diet, has been on a mission to get … Continue reading 5-10 Fruits and Vegetables A Day

This Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is scratched, painted on, dented, stained and the most highly used piece of furniture in our house. Every time someone new comes to our house, they inevitably comment on our table. Usually they say they like it. I always wonder, do they really like it, or do they find it unusual how … Continue reading This Kitchen Table

Be is resolved… healthy celebrations.

In December when it’s so dark and cold, I am grateful for the holidays, for people coming together, for celebrating. 
And of course when family and friends get together, we eat. Fortunately many of us in Canada, have the blessing of having enough food to share, and inevitably at most gatherings I was at this … Continue reading Be is resolved… healthy celebrations.

Our journey to eating local

Welcome to goodfood2u’s blog. Goodfood2u is an Ottawa-based online grocery store that focuses on local and organic whole foods. We fill our store with fresh organic produce and household staples that ensures healthy eating. Best of all, you can order online and we deliver to your door. Goodfood2u is a family business. My partner Yannick … Continue reading Our journey to eating local