Corporate Social Responsibility

Kind of a buzz word, right. The world’s largest multi-million dollar, publically traded companies, are doing it. And that’s good news because we need individuals and companies to collectively care for our shared commons and the future.

At goodfood2u we see CSR as doing what’s right. We are a small company, so our impacts seems small. We donate to the food bank each week, we collaborate with Covenant Farm to deliver a box of fresh produce to an Ottawa School Breakfast program. We donate gift certificates and produce to local charities and events. We see our business as an extension of ourselves and thus extend our concern for community to our community as often as we can.

Organic Farm Produce

When you boil down the goodfood2u business though, there is so much more social responsibility going on. We protect the soil and the water by buying only organic certified produce. We decrease food miles by making the extra effort to buy from local farms even in the dead of winter. We buy from local bakeries, local artisan faux cheese makers, co-operative suppliers who bring us the best of Ontario’s packaged goods, nut butters and jams from Ontario, canned tomatoes and pickles from Ontario, cheese from Quebec, tofu, tempeh and eggs from Ontario. We keep our purchasing dollars as close to home as possible. Because we believe that with each decision we make, we have the opportunity to make the world a little better place.

goodfood2u isn’t just a produce and grocery home delivery service, we are an agitator, an innovator, pushing to see the vision of a vibrant local food system come to be in Ontario and Quebec. Each time you order, you contribute to that vision. Thanks for joining us on the journey.