Integrating our Values, One Step Further

Our vision for goodfood2u from day 1 was to build and sustain a vibrant local food economy. We feel strongly that local, organic agricultural protects the Just Food barnhealth of soil, water and air. We also know it supports local farm families and local businesses.

For this reason, we sell organic produce and household staples, it is also for this reason that we prioritize local.

We are super excited to move one step closer to this vision by moving our warehouse location to the Just Food Farm in Blackburn Hamlet. Just Food’s mission is to work towards vibrant, just and sustainable food and farming systems in the Ottawa region. How perfect is that! And not only are we now housed with other actors promoting a local food economy, there are also local growers growing produce within Ottawa’s city limits. We look forward to offering this produce next season. And we look forward to hosting you, our loyal customers and supporters at our new location in the near future!

Thanks for joining us in supporting this local food system, this vision would not be possible if there weren’t buyers like you also committed to this vision!