Spring Cleaning!

With spring in the air my I am excited for local salad greens, fiddle heads and asparagus, for a change from the root vegetables that are feeling to heavy and repetitive at this time of year!

Organic sprouts for health

As we shift to spring, it’s a great time to clean out the old and make room for the new. Most often when we think of spring cleaning we think of cleaning our homes, cars, windows. But spring is also the perfect time to cleanse your body. After a winter of heavier eating, less fresh air, less exercise it’s ideal to shift your eating to lighter, whole foods, to get out for gentle walks, to enjoy the fresh air.

Many years ago Yannick and I were introduced to the Wild Rose Detox program many years ago and we would always do a spring cleanse and a fall cleanse. The first cleanse was torture, 12 days without so many of the foods that were daily staples. We quickly learned to turn to a handful of almonds rather than a cookie, to choose a rice cake over a piece of toast, to savour the small amount of fruit each day.

These cleanses, though often difficult in the process, always recalibrated our pallet, made it easier to make healthier food choices and left us feeling re-energized. For more on the Wild Rose Detox program check out this article. http://www.chatelaine.com/health/detox-health/what-12-days-on-the-wild-rose-cleanse-is-really-like/

If you are feeling like you could use a spring clean, give it some thought, here are some items that we have in store that can help make the process more enjoyable:

Brown Rice
Rice Cakes and Seaweed Snacks
Almond Milk
Nuts and Seeds of all sorts
Nut Butters (except for peanut)
Juices from Urban Juice Press
Herbal Teas
Lentils and beans
Leafy greens
And more fresh produce of the week.

All of these items can be ordered online and delivered to your door with goodfood2u. If you need some help to figure out what to eat or how to cook these foods we offer an initial conversation for free to help you make the transition. We aren’t nutritionists, but have been cooking and eating healthy foods for 20 years. Feel free to contact us directly to set up a session to make the transition easier.

Each week we send out a weekly newsletter with recipes ideas for healthy meals, you can sign up to our newsletter here. To spring, and your health!