We would be happy to help you navigate the website. Please send us an email at info@goodfood2u.ca.

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How to create a custom box
How to add items to your cart
How to create an a la cart box
There is no minimum order, however a $7 delivery charge will be added for any order under $35.
We offer free delivery for all orders over $35. For orders under $35, a $7 delivery charge will be added.
We cannot guarantee delivery times, however we typically know around what time we will be in your neighbourhood and will let you know when you sign up for a delivery. If you want advance warning on the day of delivery, let us know and we can text or call you before delivering.
Yes, we deliver to many apartments and condos in town. If we deliver at a time of day when you are not home we will need a way to ensure we can safely get your order to you. We currently deliver to lobby's and text when arriving. You can add delivery instructions to your account.
Yes, absolutely. We deliver to the downtown offices on Monday morning. If you work outside the downtown core, we will deliver to your office as part of our regular routes, depending on where you work.
You can put yourself on holidays to skip a week or many. To put your account on hold login to your account, go to My Account - Delivery Hold. You can then add dates that you are away for.
You will be placed on a delivery route upon signing up. Our delivery dates are:
Tuesday Centretown, Glebe, Hintonburg, Chinatown
Wednesday - Kanata, Stittsville, Ottawa West
Thursday - Barrhaven, Ottawa South
Friday - Orleans, Beacon Hill, Ottawa East
If you are unsure of what delivery day you will be, you will be placed on a route based on our map in the Delivery Areas.

Delivery Times typically range between 1pm - 6 pm. We try to be in your neighborhood at the same time each week.
No. We ask you to leave a cooler out in a safe place to drop your order off into. We will leave your order in the cooler to help maintain quality until you can move it inside, especially on very hot or cold days. Please note that we do not take responsiblity for boxes that go missing. Please ensure you have a safe place to leave it.
Generally yes. You know your neighborhood best: please ensure you are asking us to leave the box in a safe location so we can ensure that you get your order.
You can order once, twice, hundreds of times and at any frequency! If you would rather not have an Standing Order, feel free to create a Current Order when you would like a delivery. Click the link in the order reminder email that is sent to every active account and create a Current Order before the order deadline.
Your deadline will depend on your delivery day. Monday and Saturday deliveries have a Thursday noon deadline Tuesday - Friday deliveries have a Tuesday Noon deadline. Changes cannot be made on the website after the deadline. Please call us with any emergency requests. We will try to accommodate your changes. A late cancellation fee of $20.00 will apply to cancellations made after the deadline. At that point in time we cannot change the order but can redirect it as a donation to the Food Bank.
We will customize the box for you based on your Produce Preferences by removing your 'dislikes' and substituting other products from your 'likes' list.

No you can order a la carte or from many of our available grocery items.

Click here for a tutorial video.

Yes, absolutely.
Click here for a tutorial on how to customize your box.
It is likely because the deadline for making changes to your order has come and gone for this week, or the boxes are not yet active. If you are having problems please email us at info at goodfood2u.ca.

Click here for tutorial videos on how to customize a box.
It can happen that, at the last minute, our supplier was unable to bring in enough of a product to fulfill all our needs. Often they bring something else to compensate. Additionally if we receive produce of substandard quality we will not add it to your box but will rather substitute it for another item. Our policy is to substitute anything that is inside a produce box. Items that are added outside of a box are credited.
This is a list of modifiable produce that you do not want to be included in your box, you can add up to 10. In case we need to make a last minute substitution on your order (for example, if the deer have eaten all the peas at the farm!), we consult your likes and dislikes list so that we don't send you something you would rather not have. To create or modify your Produce Preferences if you are already logged in, please visit here. Otherwise you can create an account here and then click My Account then Preferences from the left hand side, and scroll down to Likes and Dislikes.

You can always customize your box yourself online, or tell us the items you never want to receive in the Produce Preferences window in your 'likes and dislikes' list. Your positive preferences (set as 'likes') assist us with making the substitution for you.
Our most popular option is the STANDING ORDER. You choose the Produce Box best suited to your needs and how often you want to receive it (weekly, every two weeks, or once a month). You will then automatically receive it, unless you tell us otherwise.

Click here for a tutorial on how to create a standing order. 
Fruit and vegetable availability changes from week to week. You can add a particular fruit or vegetable to your standing order and we will try to ensure you receive it, but we can't guarantee that we will offer it every week.

Click here for tutorial videos on how to create a re-occurring order.
Try receiving a box every second week instead, or splitting one with a friend and/or neighbour. You could also try adding more produce into your food: kale and avocado in your morning smoothies, sweet potatoes and zucchini in your muffins.
No, you do not have to order online. You can phone 613 745-6868 to place your order as soon as the produce listings are available.
A late cancellation fee of $20.00 will apply to cancellations made after the deadline. At that point in time we cannot change the order but can redirect it as a donation to the Food Bank. 
We guarantee the quality of our products. If you are not satisfied with a product you received, be sure to get in touch with us so we can replace it for you.
You can either pay by e-transfer or credit card. Credit cards will be charged on the eve before the delivery goodfood2u operates on a C.O.D. (cash on delivery) or prepay basis only. Please send e-transfers on the day of delivery to yannick@goodfood2u.ca 
Check out our information on Produce Storage. 
 If an item appears to be missing from your box, we may have had to make a last minute replacement, so check the invoice we included in your delivery. If something is indeed missing from your order, then please let us know. If we have made a mistake, we will either credit your account or replace the item free of charge the following week.
You can always view your account information here: 
Check out our recipe section. Items are listed under the vegetable or fruit but don't be afraid to sub in different leafy greens, or change something up and create your own recipe!


We Are Loved

“I really am enjoying your service! The produce is delicious and I love that I can customize it to fit my families likes/dislikes. The recipes that are sent weekly have been a great added bonus to help give me ideas of what to do with items I have never really eaten before (like rutabaga!). So far my favorite recipe is the kale pesto for sure!”

- Jen

“I love your service. So very customizable! I can change the contents of my order every week. I can make my order smaller or bigger or cancel it if I’m out of town. You also have a constantly growing list of staples like bread, fish, pasta and eggs. Thanks goodfood2u!!!”

- Danielle

“Great quality and prices. Local family run business. The owner is the one answering the phone and sending emails. Quality checks are done each time and anything subpar is automatically credited. Amazing service. This is our 3rd attempt with this type of service and we finally found the best! We have referred many friends. Good job Yannick and family.”

- Jenn

“Amazing quality, excellent, reliable service! Use for both our home and my office! Highly recommend if you’re looking for delicious organic options year round (PS.. it’s affordable!!)”

- Colleen


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