Orders: Customers are responsible for orders placed each week. If you have forgotten to cancel your standing order, or wish to not receive an order and it is past the order deadline you may cancel your order within the following 24 hours past the deadline for a $20 fee. After this time you are responsible for the full payment of your order. Should you wish to not receive your order we can re-direct it to the Food Bank on your behalf.

Accuracy: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all information provided is accurate. goodfood2u.ca expects customers to update their information when it changes or to notify the company of any changes to continue with effective administration or service. Such things as (but not limited to) phone numbers, addresses or payment methods must be kept up to date by the customer. goodfood2u is not responsible for orders delivered to wrong locations due to inaccurate information update from the customer.

Secure Location: We ask customers to provide us with a secure location to leave their delivery each week. Should a box not be received on the regular day of delivery it is the customers responsibility to inform goodfood2u the next day so we can address the issue. If the box goes missing and we are not advised within 24 hours of the normal delivery time you will be charged for the order.

Coolers: We ask all customers who are not home to receive their order to leave a cooler for us to transfer your order into. Should you not leave out a cooler or are not home we will leave your order in the location you have indicated. Should the weather be either very cold or very hot, we are not responsible for any spoilage that results in not leaving out a cooler.

Product Quality Guarantee: We guarantee the quality of the product that we deliver. As such if you receive a product that is less than the desirable quality standard, please advise us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we will credit or replace the product.

Payment Policy: A credit card must be provided to guarantee all accounts. Payment is due upon receipt, i.e. the day you receive your delivery. Depending on your preferred method of payment:

1. Credit card: We will charge your credit on evening before your delivery day. If the transaction is declined we will contact you using the contact information in your account in order to secure an alternative method of payment for the order in question. If we do not receive payment at the time of delivery or updated credit card information, your order will not be delivered and a $20 re-stocking fee will be charged to your account.

2. E-mail transfer: E-mail transfers are due prior to delivery. If we have not received payment by e-mail transfer by the time of delivery, we will charge your credit card on your delivery day. Please see the information above in ‘Credit card’ if the credit card transaction is declined.

Methods of Payment: We accept the following methods of payment:
Cheque payable to goodfood2u

Email Transfer sent to yannick@goodfood2u.ca No password is required. Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard) through our secured web site.


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